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09:00:55 trackeropen Tracker Item [#903] Scmhook: scmhg commitEmail non functionnal Opened
Franck Villaume
18:25:07 sourcecode scm commit: display configuration widget submenu when loggedin only (repository: fusionforge commit: ea6da9d)
18:22:46 trackeropen Tracker Item [#902] Vote for project. Opened
Franck Villaume
08:49:30 sourcecode scm commit: Syntax (repository: fusionforge commit: dd622df)
20:23:59 sourcecode scm commit: /users/<nickname> improvement: be able to add/remove widgets to build the public page of the user (repository: fusionforge commit: d6d2964)
17:00:19 sourcecode scm commit: Less strings (repository: fusionforge commit: 2cfe845)
13:27:58 sourcecode scm commit: Whitespace (repository: fusionforge commit: 1e5adb1)
09:40:47 sourcecode scm commit: Whitespace (repository: fusionforge commit: f76b575)
09:33:57 sourcecode scm commit: Whitespace (repository: fusionforge commit: f1fc2b0)
17:53:52 sourcecode scm commit: add missing break (repository: fusionforge commit: af8903a)
16:55:01 sourcecode scm commit: Merge 6.1 (repository: fusionforge commit: 8da9d65)
16:54:17 sourcecode scm commit: fix owner test on user widget layout. Be sure that the user is the owner of the layout to update (repository: fusionforge commit: 13e4811)
16:36:12 sourcecode scm commit: use CONSTANT rather than hardcoded string (repository: fusionforge commit: ce8457a)
18:37:35 sourcecode scm commit: /users/<nickname>: improvement. Display activity in widget. Add diary entry as user activity. Start monitoring user implementation (repository: fusionforge commit: cfff28d)
17:38:00 trackeropen Tracker Item [#901] Replace the error, warning & information display by a notification system Opened
Franck Villaume
15:37:11 sourcecode scm commit: clean-up (repository: fusionforge commit: 2d018e8)
14:37:35 sourcecode scm commit: fix default value on getInstance function to avoid PHP warning (repository: fusionforge commit: 828f3d7)
12:54:25 trackeropen Tracker Item [#900] Improvement request: widget preference system Opened
Franck Villaume
19:00:44 sourcecode scm commit: users page improvement: initial commit: basic support widget system (repository: fusionforge commit: 319e492)
11:52:34 trackeropen Tracker Item [#899] Improve the /users/<nickname> page Opened
Franck Villaume
11:47:01 trackeropen Tracker Item [#898] Add artifact comment as activity for tracker Opened
Franck Villaume